Lifesprings School of Ministry Mongolia
March 2017 – March 2019

“There is a real need for the school for women in Mongolia.
Christianity is still very young in Mongolia. We are first
generation Christians.”

—LSM Mongolia Team Leader

What a privilege it is to be training women in Mongolia for ministry!

90+ women are attending LSM in Mongolia.  

A number of women travel great distances for the training. For many of these women, especially those who live in the countryside, it is difficult to pay the tuition, let alone pay for travel and lodging expenses.

Thanks to generous stewardship partners, we were able to reimburse the women at least half of their expenses. They cried with joy when we did this for them! We could not do this without these contributions. 

It is our desire to encourage, prepare, and connect as many women in Mongolia as we can to impact their communities throughout country with the love of God. We do not want to see any woman left out due to financial hardship..


Please consider partnering with us in this amazing opportunity.

Your stewardship will pay for:

  • Training of LSM Mongolia team leaders
  • Translation of materials
  • Travel expenses for professors and team
  • Scholarships 

If you would like to support this work, please see our giving page here.



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The gospel has only been preached in recent history in Mongolia since 1990. From 1921 to 1990, Mongolia was a Russian communist satellite country closed to the outside world and to Christianity.

When the country opened up in 1990 there were only a few known Christians there. Today, there are estimated 60,000 believers. (approx. 2% of the population). The harvest field is ripe and the church continues to grow steadily.

Church leaders in Mongolia say that discipleship and training are greatly needed.