Waiting & Keeping Our Perspective

By Janice Gutierrez

With all that is happening in the world today, it seems that collectively humanity is experiencing some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder as we move through these difficult times.

A minor incident just yesterday reminded me of the stress we all seem to be under.

I was checking out at the grocery store and there was a problem with the register. Everyone in line had to wait. I could tell how tense everyone was. Although I had nothing to do with the register breaking, I felt the need to apologize to the people in line. “I’m so sorry you are having to wait so long.”  The man right behind me said “Hey, this wait is nothing. We’ve got to keep it in perspective.”

Indeed. Keep our perspective.

“…the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly while we wait for adoption, the redemption of our bodies.” (Rom 8: 22-25)

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him. (Lam 3:25)

While we wait, there is work to do. The harvest is plentiful and the labors are few.

Thank you for helping Lifesprings do the work of encouraging, preparing, and connecting women to impact their communities with God’s love.  The work we do gives meaning to the days and hope to the world.

May this newsletter be an encouragement to you. And may you remember to keep things in perspective as you wait that  “His eye is on the Sparrow, and He is watching over you.” (YouTube)

Janice Gutierrez is the Executive Director of Lifesprings Internatonal

. . . .

Meet Cornelia

By Brigitte McGregor

Cornelia (far left) with a gypsy family.

Cornelia is a former LSM Geneva student who serves as a missionary in a number of villages in her own country of Romania. She works with two local churches, in Rast and Calafat, as well as with her home town church in Arad. She ministers to the gypsies in the Southwest part of Romania, near the Bulgarian border.

Cornelia loves the people she serves, especially the children. Her desire is to share the gospel with as many people as she can, particularly the children. She wants them to know how important and valuable they are in God’s eyes. At home, many of these children hear from the adults that nobody wants them, that they are a burden, or that they are not good enough. Cornelia sees huge potential in them and they need God’s blessing.

Weekends are Cornelia’s busiest times. Her weekend begins on Friday afternoon when she goes to the village of Bitret to work with the children after school. On Saturday, she meets with two groups of children in Negoi and Rast. She also meets with older youth in Rast. On Sundays, she ministers to the kids between church services in the town of Calafat. During the week, she regularly visits families in four different villages in their homes to encourage and support them.

In the summer, many of the children’s parents go to Spain to work in the fields, leaving the children (sometimes as many as 10 or 15 of them) behind with a grandmother or with neighbors. Most of the time, older children are responsible for the care of their younger siblings, some of them babies. Many of the children are not able to participate in the activities that Cornelia organizes for the children because of their responsibilities at home.

Cornelia does a wonderful job and is very committed to this ministry. But she needs help. There is so much work to do, more than she can handle. She needs a strong team around her, financial support, and help from other churches.

Please pray for Cornelia, that she can build and manage a strong team in the region. Pray also for the children and women there, who are often abused and suffer a lot.

Brigitte McGregor is leader of Connect team in Lyon, France

. . . .

Stepping Up!

By Terri La Brie

Recently I talked with LSM Geneva alumni, Elizabeth Gachuiri. She reflected on how God has blessed the church through the women associated with Lifesprings International.

Elizabeth started noticing that the women who were stepping into leadership positions were women who had been to the Lifesprings School of Ministry.

“I am seeing church wide involvement by Lifesprings trained women,” said Elizabeth. She mentioned several women:

  • Julia and Mary Anne on prayer team
  • I am in my third year as President of the church board
  • Liz Wamera, serves on the worship team
  • Several other Lifesprings’ women are leading efforts to minister to the hurting in our communities.

I am very excited to have a women’s ministry leadership team at our church under which some of the student ministry projects will be supported, such as Sister-Sister led by Samantha Muller.

Elizabeth is thankful for the beautiful testimony of the women who were trained in LSM Geneva. They are blessing their local churches, communities and home countries.

She extends the blessing to the women in Mongolia:

“May God bless the women of Mongolia as they are being encouraged, prepared and connected to impact their communities with God’s love…and may the Lord continue to build up laborers for the world-wide harvest that is plentiful in these days.”

Terri La Brie is Lifesprings’ Director of Prayer and Spiritual Development

. . . .

Persevering in Prayer: LSM Mongolia

As we approach LSM Mongolia Session #2, we look forward to reuniting with the students and our Mongolian local team October 20-28th.

It is hard to imagine that seven months have passed since the first session. We anticipate some new students from the countryside, and possibly a couple from Uganda who are exploring the possibility of LSM in their country in the future.

Many of our students must travel several hours by bus for the sessions and it puts a strain on the families represented. Please keep them in prayer, and prayerfully consider supporting these women through financial donations given to our Lifesprings International General Fund which will be dispersed according to need by going to our Giving page on our website: www.lifesprings.org.

We are thankful for a year of God’s faithfulness to the women we serve. In addition to new ventures, the Lord continues to bless us in keeping us connected to one another.

As LSM Mongolia Session #2 speaker Jan Johnson often quotes, “We do the connecting with God, God does the perfecting in us!”

This past week a wonderful connection took place in my home church in southern California. I attend a women’s Bible study with about 200 women. When I entered the room, I saw a familiar face. As I sat down in the only empty chair at the table, our eyes locked. And with a look of surprise on both of our faces, we shared a joyous hug. It was Johanna, a young French woman whom I had met three years ago in Grenoble, France at Formation Zoé (the Lifesprings School of Ministry in the French language).

She and her husband and children had recently moved to California to attend a Bible college near my church. She had visited our church, which has about 4,000 members and was encouraged to try our women’s Bible study. She randomly chose to sit at the table where I sit. I was late in arriving that day, and there was only one open chair, right next to Johanna!

We had not seen each other for three years. It was a divine connection and a confirmation that God is lovingly helping the women of Lifesprings stay connected. Also sitting at the table was another young mom, Emily, a faithful Lifesprings International prayer and giving partner who also speaks French! Oh what manner of love the Father has given to us! He is so good! Johanna feels quite welcomed to her new community and affirmed that He is providing for her family as they courageously followed the Lord’s calling to America for this season.

Whether it is to Mongolia, Bratislava, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, France, UK, Uganda,… God is directing our paths, encouraging women and building disciples for His Glory and Kingdom expansion! Thank you for your generous and faithful support!

To God be the Glory,

Terri La Brie is Director of Prayer and Spiritual Growth

If you wish to receive the monthly prayer letter updates for Mongolia send an email to: terri@lifesprings.org.

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Revolution in Generosity

By Kathryn Stok

Editors note: The Lifesprings International development team is reading, Revolution In Generosity, edited by W.K.Willmer, to help us grow in our relationship with God in the context of time, talents, and treasures. Here are some highlights from chapter 4.

In Chapter 4, “God and Asking: The Choice Between two Roads,” Richard A. Haynie introduces us to two roads which we can travel down when seeking funding for God’s work. One he calls “Humanity’s Road,” where we decide what to do and ask God to bless it, and the second he calls “God’s Road,” where we ask God what to do and then do it.

The guiding principles behind God’s Road are:

  • God owns it all and we are His stewards. How often do we live under the principle that God owns it all and we are his stewards? In 1 Chronicles 29, David recognised this, and said, “O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided to build you a house for your Holy name, it is from your hand, and all is Yours” (v. 16)
  • God is the fundraiser. It is God who move the hearts of His people to generosity and to support Kingdom work. Our job is to present the needs and opportunities (i.e. not to force or guilt people into giving).
  • Fundraising is about transformation. On God’s road the end goal is not actually raising finances. It is about spiritual transformation: to be generous as Christ is generous, and rich toward God.

At Lifesprings we look to live out these principles by asking God and listening to him: where He would have us give of time, talent and treasure? We seek relationships with the entire Lifesprings community, and look for opportunities to be transforming toward Christ-likeness. We use our newsletters, appeals and personal relationships to present opportunities to support God’s Kingdom work.

Kathryn Stok is Lifesprings’ Director of Development.

. . . .

LSM Mongolia Session 2 & Soul Care Day in Selenge

LSM Mongolia Session 2 will be held October 27-28, 2017. Teachers for this session are:

* Janice Gutierrez who will teach on Leadership
* Jan Johnson, who will teach on Spiritual Formation

Approximately 100 women attended Session 1, and several more women have signed up for the school to begin with this session.


Four of our team members will travel about 5 hours north to Selenge where they will do some teaching and Soul Care (Oct 24-26). Approximately 25 women are expected to attend.

. . . .

Soul Care Day in Bratislava, Slovakia

By Stephanie Edsall

Lifesprings International and Porta Libri book publishers are joining together to host author and speaker Leslie Leyland Fields in Bratislava, Slovakia April 19-21.

Porta Libri has translated her book, Crossing the Waters, into the Slovak language.

  • Leslie will facilitate a writer’s workshop in the book of Psalms.
  • We will have a book launch and book signing with Leslie.
  • We will gather women on Saturday April 21 for a soul care day. Leslie will speak, and the women will have time for reflection

After her weekend in Bratislava, Leslie will travel to Grenoble, France to speak at the Lifesprings International monthly women’s breakfast. Her topic will be “Where is God in our Trials?”

Next, Leslie will go to Lyon, France. Lifesprings Connect Leader, Brigitte McGregor, and her team will organize and plan an event with Leslie as the speaker. The content and activities are yet to be determined.

Please pray for Leslie’s preparation, for the women’s hearts to be prepared, for wisdom and sensitivity on how to cast the vision for encouraging, equipping, and connecting women to impact their communities here in Bratislava and Slovakia.

Stephanie Edsall is on the Lifesprings International Team. She lives in Bratislava, Slovakia.

. . . .

Annual Weekend Retreat

Lifesprings will hold is 11th Annual Weekend Retreat in Lyon, France May 18-20, 2018. It will take place at the Domaine Lyon St. Joseph. Details to follow.

We are thrilled to have Ann Voskamp as our guest speaker.

Ann is a well-known speaker and author of several best-selling books including: The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life, The Greatest Gift, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, which which has sold more than one million copies and has been translated into more than twenty languages. She was named as one of fifty women most shaping culture and the church today.

Ann knows unspoken brokenness and an intimacy with God that touches wounded places. Millions do life with her at her daily photographic online journal, one of the top 10 most widely read Christian sites: annvoskamp.com.

It will be a time of:

  • Spiritual rest and refreshment away from the busyness of life
  • Fresh and meaningful Bible teaching & practical workshops
  • Fellowship with women from many different countries, walks of life, and seasons of life
  • Meaningful discussion in small groups as you explore issues in greater depth
  • Dynamic and uplifting worship
  • Personal prayer – Our gifted prayer team will be available to pray with you during the weekend
  • Experienced pastoral listeners offer an opportunity for you to talk over your struggles in a safe, confidential setting


If God is calling you to support the work of Lifesprings,
we encourage you to visit our giving page here: